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Ornamental Trimming
If you have a fruit tree, shrub, or hedge there are proper ways and proper times to trim your Tree or Shrub. Every tree is different so feel free to call or email to ask questions about your tree and
what is best for your particular type of tree.

  Crown Cleaning is an effective maintenance technique to promote the health and well-being of
your mature trees. Crown Cleaning is the selective removal of dead, dying and diseased branches
from a mature tree. It is important to remove dead and dying branches from a tree to remove the
potential falling danger and promote healthy new growth.

  Tree thinning is a method in which small branches are selectively removed from the tree canopy.
Tree thinning targets branches 2 inches in diameter and less for removal. Tree thinning uses thinning cuts which minimize the potential for damage and decay to the tree.

Thinning is an ideal way to remove overgrowth from a mature tree canopy. Crown thinning
helps light penetration which may invigorate lawn growth. Crown thinning is an effective method to reduce canopy overgrowth of mature trees. Crown thinning is also used to partially open a view,
and is also referred to as vista pruning.


  Crown raising is a technique in which low hanging tree branches are selectively removed.
Crown raising is also referred to as limbing up of a tree.

. Crown raising is utilized to provide clearance for people, traffic or views. Crown raising should
be done in a manner which preserves the structural integrity of the tree.

Crown raising is used as part of structural training for young trees and should always be done
on branches less than 2 inches in diameter.

  Crown reductions reduce the entire size of a tree by reducing larger branches back to small branches
in the tree canopy. Crown reductions are not part of a routine maintenance plan and if performed too often can result in damage to the tree.

Crown reductions are performed on mature trees often to open up a view. Crown reductions rely upon heavy reduction cutting and should be performed by a trained arborist.

Different types of Trimming and Pruning

Tree trimming or tree pruning is important for the overall health and well-being of the trees on your property.

Tree trimming/tree pruning should be done with the utmost care and concern for your trees.

Uneducated and hap-hazardous cutting to a tree can result in structural damage and cause more harm than good to the health of the tree. It is best to have an arborist service your tree trimming/tree pruning needs.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Tree Maintenance is an art. You need a experienced Tree Service Expert to make the right decisions on how to trim your tree.  Every Tree needs to be trimmed differently and you as a homeowner need to make sure you hire someone with the right qualifications in order to make sure that they trim your tree correctly without causing future damage to your trees. 

Tree Maintenance

Tree Trimming and Pruning